executive committee


The Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency Inc is a non-government, not-for-profit public benevolent organisation. It is a registered charity in New South Wales and has gift deductible recipient status with the Australian Tax Office.

HARDA is an African Australian organisation. Seven of the nine members of the Executive Committee are refugees or migrants from the Horn of Africa countries who have settled successfully in Australia. They are actively involved in supporting humanitarian work for recently arrived refugees in New South Wales, many of whom have come from horrific experiences of deprivation, trauma and torture. In addition they are committed to using their contacts through the Horn of Africa diaspora to identify and seek support for high value humanitarian projects in Africa.

HARDA receives funding for individual projects from time to time but has no recurrent funding from government or any other source to conduct its advocacy and support roles. Management, financial and administration skills are provided by four part time volunteers with a broad range of professional experience (‘the secretariat’). They are supported from time to time by one-off legal and accounting services and advice provided pro bono on an ‘as needed’ basis.