Overseas Projects

In partnership with local donors and overseas based not for profit organisations, HARDA implements aid programs in the Horn of Africa to alleviate poverty and improve aspects of  life, notably in education and health.

HARDA is very grateful to the donors who donate funds or goods to make these projects possible. HARDA is also very thankful to the Somali and Ethiopian communities in Western Sydney who raise large amounts of money to pay for the freight to ship goods overseas. For example, in the period 2016/21, 300 computers, 28 hospital beds and a large quantity of school uniforms have been sent to Ethiopia; 400 hospital beds and other medical equipment have gone to Somalia.

Below is a snapshot of the projects undertaken by HARDA in recent years:

Food for Iftar 2021. Moneys donated to enable poverty-stricken villagers in Northeast Kenya to celebrate Iftar.

Poor Students Educational Support Program- This project was implemented in two phases. The first one in 2019 paid for the tuition fees of 26 orphaned children studying at the Merwah Primary school in Addis Ababa. This helped these children stay in school and continue their education.

The second phase was to assist 329 children from poor families from the Abadir primary school also in Addis Ababa. Funds donated  paid for the provision of school supplies and stationery enabling the children to remain in school. The items were distributed in September 2021.

Small Livelihood Project for vulnerable families. Completed during 2020, the beneficiaries of the project are the women and youth of Wajir South in Northeast Kenya, a region  where unemployment is very high. Funds were made available for the purchase 40 donkeys and 40 carts that were transported to 10 villages to start small cottage industries. Read More

Famine Relief- During 2018, 26 tonnes of relief food aid was distributed to 10,500 people in Northeast Kenya, with a similar program also undertaken in Southern Ethiopia.

Clean Water Project: 6 wells built in Ethiopia to supply water free of waterborne diseases to reduce child mortality in a community of 5000.

Maternity Clinic.  Following construction, the clinic, including a 2 rooms birthing unit,  was opened in 2016. It provides primarily health care services to mothers and children from 5 villages in the community of Wel Ari in an isolated region of Northeast Kenya with a population of around 5000. The services include family planning, immunisation and postnatal care.

Centre of Excellence for girls- The Centre was built in Northeast Kenya and opened in early 2014.It is now a home for 250 young orphan girls who attend local schools.

Aid to Hostels in Ethiopia 2013-Solar power systems, water filtration units and bed mattresses installed in3 hostels used to accommodate young girls and boys.

The Dagahmadow School in Ethiopia. A  residential primary school built in 2009  for orphans and children from nomadic families.

Fast to Feed .In August/September 2010, food aid distributed to 475 families in the war-ravaged villages of Darfur  and drought affected communities in Northern Kenya.

Eradicate Blindness-. This program has achieved remarkable results. In early 2011,  HARDA purchased a portable surgical microscope that has enabled volunteer ophthalmologists in the township of Habeswein in Northeast Kenya to do over the years some 4000 surgeries for cataract, all free of charge. Another device was purchased in 2017 to continue and expand this eye care mission. Read More

Water Catchment and Storage. This project, completed in August 2011, provides clean safe water for more than 20,000 villagers in South Somalia. Underground water reservoirs were constructed to prevent water borne diseases.

East Africa Famine Relief . In response to an emergency, HARDA raised more than $ 150,000 in the financial year 2011-12 to enable food to be distributed to Somalis resettled in Northern Kenya or in transit to the Dadaab refugee camp and to families in Ethiopia.