Overseas projects (previous)

In partnership with local donors and overseas based not for profit organisations, HARDA implements aid programs in the Horn of Africa to alleviate poverty and improve aspects of  life, notably in education and health.

HARDA is very grateful to the donors who donate funds or goods to make these projects possible. HARDA is also very thankful to the Somali and Ethiopian communities in Western Sydney who raise large amounts of money to pay for the freight to ship goods overseas. For example, in the period 2016/21, 300 computers, 28 hospital beds and a large quantity of school uniforms have been sent to Ethiopia; 400 hospital beds and other medical equipment have gone to Somalia.

Below is a snapshot of the projects undertaken by HARDA in recent years:

Maternity clinic construction completed (May 2, 2021) - HARDA has recently built a maternity clinic in North Eastern Kenya in partnership with the Waso Resource Development Agency (WARDA). The maternity clinic will enable mothers in the rural villages to have access to a maternity health service and it will also provide primary health care in the isolated regions of Kenya. It serves the population of 5 neighbouring villages with the population of 4,000 people. HARDA would like to thank the generous donors of the project. Read more
Wajir Small livelihood project for vulnerable families, Wajir South, Kenya (March 31, 2021) - HARDA is pleased to announce that the women and youth of Wajir South will soon have access to financial resources to set up workshops for skills training and to start small business, courtesy of The Global Aid Foundation (GAF) and our local partner the Waso Resource Development Agency (WARDA). The women and youth of Wajir South, an area in North Eastern Kenya bordering Somalia, have historically had a dependency on aid and charity, which is typically administered in a sporadic and ad hoc basis. Statistics show that a staggering 74% of the population is unemployed, with women and the youth… Read more
Operation Eradicate preventable blindness in Africa (October 10, 2018) - Since 2009, HARDA has supported a long term project that has been focusing on providing eye care free of charge, through eye care mission in the poor communities of the Horn of Africa. In late 2017, HARDA purchased an ophthalmic surgical periscope for the use of cataract and other surgical operations in rural Africa. This is the second microscope that HARDA has purchased, The first device has been used more than 9000 times for examination, diagnosis and 4000 surgeries for cataract. It has also benefited 15,000 persons in respect of trachoma, conjunctivitis and glaucoma. The partners in this project are HARDA, Global Aid Foundation, the Clark… Read more