The Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency (HARDA) has released an Education Resource to supplement its short 25-minute film, New Land, New Life. This documentary is a valuable resource for Australian students. It  tells the inspiring stories of five refugees from the Horn of Africa, all who have undergone great hardship yet made successful new lives in Australia. The stories of these five refugees highlight a multitude of issues and topics that can be examined and analysed from many angles and at many levels. This makes New Land, New Life an ideal tool for teachers to use in either a specific or general areas of study. The Education Resource aims to help teachers utilise this documentary more fully. It has activities for students at all levels and stages along the learning curve and can be used across many subjects and curriculums. We hope that New Land, New Life and this Educational Resource helps teachers promote a better understanding of refugees and asylum seekers from the Horn of Africa and other areas.

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Educational Resource for Teachers 25-minute film