Jobs for African Migrants program

(formerly African Migrants Employment Program)

Local projects / Jobs for African Migrants program

Started in 2017, this ongoing program uses a mentor based & individually tailored approach to assist unemployed or underemployed African migrants, primarily women, to overcome the many barriers to employment. This successful program helps participants to seek, gain & retain employment. In short it’s about helping African migrants to get permanent long-term jobs. The program also works with, partners and supports employer organisations in employing Australian participants. An SMH article described the effect this program has had on some of the participants

Our participants: 

are migrants from Africa, currently mainly women from South Sudan. Many have had to flee war and destruction in their own country. All are permanent residents, most are Australian citizens. They are very keen to find work but have trouble with the very high barriers for those who may lack literacy in the English language or computer skills/ access or access to the relevant networks

Our mentors:

are paired up with a participant and provide one on one support tailored to their mentees needs, often including resume, cover letter and interview preparation, job application, follow up, help with onboarding and after employment support. Our mentors vary in age and background, often are fellow migrants, have good communication and computer skills and have a number of years of work place experience.

Employer benefits using HARDA’s program:

  • Access to a pool of motivated workers, who are really keen to work & are flexible & happy to do multiple tasks.
  • We match suitable employees to employers job needs & locations for both full & part time work; Our objective is to know & understand employers listed with us, helping them get the best match for their job opportunity.
  • Our service is completely free of charge.
  • Much of the time we can source employees able to start within a few days.
  • The program can help employee with all employment paperwork (including compiling documents such as Police & Working with Kids checks, Australian residency documents, etc) ensuring that everything is complete & correct, thus streamlining the process for the employer.
  • After employment support to both the employee & employer, helping solve any issues that may arise increasing retention for employer (& employee).
  • Increased diversity in the employers workplace with all the benefits that can bring.
  •  employing a migrant from disadvantage & difficult circumstances can help an organisation fulfil corporate social responsibility obligations and help internal morale.

HARDA can provide a venue to interview or present opportunities to potential employees, particularly useful if the organisation is in need of multiple employees  in a short space of time

If you or someone you know is keen to be involved in the program as either a participant, mentor, volunteer or employer please call Fiona Carr on 0434 187 753.

This Program is currently funded by the Scanlon Foundation and Community Underwriting and has been supported in the past by the Dept of Home Affairs through their Fostering Integration Program, the Scanlon Foundation and some individual donations.

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