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Local Projects

Below is the list of Local Projects.

Coogee, connecting communities

Connecting Communities – Coogee Beach

Harda's Partnership with "Kids Giving Back' continues to bring love and happiness to children from the Horn background. The third session of connecting communities is the Coogee beach one where children participated in water safety that was taught my life savers at the beach. Our major thanks goes to the ...
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Connecting Communities 2018

Harda's partnership with 'Kids Giving Back' continues to flourish with children and parents of diverse cultural backgrounds enjoying various activities in the spirit of generosity.  Here are images of two fun days in September and October 2018. A third day out at Coogee beach will take place in November. Thanks ...
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Advanced Swimming Program – July 2018

24 young persons aged between 10-15, 11 girls and 13 boys - representing the South Sudanese and Somali Community, completed the program. The program was designed for those who had obtained the highest rankings at the sessions held by Harda for several years during January holidays. Harda's ambition is to ...
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Swim, Survive and Socialise Program Jan 2018

HARDA (Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency of Australia) conducted a 'Swim, Survive and Socialise'  program in January  2018 . A total of 86 boys and girls enrolled, aged between 6 and 15 years old, larger than any previous swim program done by Harda. The main idea behind this ...
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CALD Soccer Tournament

African Youth and CALD Soccer Tournament and Community Festival

HARDA (Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency of Australia) successfully conducted an African Youth and CALD Soccer Tournament and Community Festival in 2016. The purpose of this event was to celebrate our cultural diversity and bring our diverse African and CALD communities together in order to showcase the benefits ...
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Current Events

The Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency of Australia promotes active involvement by both the African Australian and mainstream communities. HARDA invites you to attend these events and support our aims and objectives – to support the successful settlement of African refugees in Australia and promote active Australian support for relief and development projects in the Horn of Africa countries.

We provide various events throughout the year to benefit the community and encourage you to come along.