With portable surgical microscopes and operating for up to thirteen hours a day for over a two day period, ophthalmologists from Doctors for Hope restored the sight of almost 200 men and women, most of whom had been blind for years and who had travelled hundreds of kilometres to attend the clinic. The cataract surgery was carried out in a small hospital in the remote, drought stricken township of Habeswein of the North Eastern Province of Kenya, about fifteen hour drive north from Nairobi.  This remarkable project was made possible through the combined efforts of Sydney based Dr Mohamud Sheikh, HARDA’s special representative for overseas aid, who identified and helped to coordinate the project; Muslim Aid Australia which responded to HARDA’s request for funding with a generous grant; and WARDA (the Waso Resource and Development Agency), a local community based NGO.

Doctors for Hope is a Kenyan-based organisation of medical professionals who donate their time to conduct medical and surgical services in some of the most remote and arid areas in Kenya. There were twenty one doctors and nurses in the team for the Habswein eye and medical camp project. In addition to the cataract surgery other members of the medical team conducted more than 2,000 medical consultations during the four day period.  Click here for a more detailed report.