HARDA facilitates food aid for communities in Darfur and Northern Kenya

HARDA joined Muslim Aid Australia during the Ramadan month of August/September to facilitate the distribution of food aid to 475 families including orphans, elderly men and women and disabled people in the war ravaged villages of Darfur and the drought affected communities of nomadic pastoralists in Northern Kenya. The projects were identified by Dr Mohamud Sheikh, HARDA’s Director of Overseas Aid, through African Australian contacts, and funded by Muslim Aid Australia with donations from Muslim communities in Australia under the Fast to Feed project. Villagers in Darfur said the project had ‘brought a harmony which we hope will bring a sustainable peace to the people’. The villagers of the drought ridden region of Northern Kenya described ‘a storm of food relief that came from a far land beyond our thoughts and brought our hopes high’ .

Local distribution in Darfur was organised by the Sudanese Islamic Medical Association in partnership with the Azaghrafa village elders. Thirty orphan children in Azaghrafa were also provided with new clothes as part of the project. The food and clothing were transported from Khartoum over 950 kilometres of dirt roads.

In Northern Kenya the Wajir South Development Agency, a local NGO, organised the food distribution, planning ahead with the village elders in Habaswein, Hoodan, Kulaaley and Eladow to identify food delivery points – the key water wells frequented by the nomadic families.