Help urgently needed

Source: This video was compiled by HARDA – our thanks to Islamic Relief for the famine footage

The United Nations declared a famine in parts of Somalia. Famine is declared when a number of preconditions are met. These include when hunger rates among children rise above thirty percent and many people are unable to get food and other basic needs. The UN estimates that over 29,000 children under the age of five have already died. There are 600,000 children are on the brink of death due to acute malnutrition. 12.4 million people are affected by the famine in East Africa

And the famine is spreading with the Horn of Africa experiencing its worst drought in sixty years. UN officials have said more than eleven million people are in need of food aid.

What is HARDA doing?

HARDA is working with our on the ground partners whom, as you can see from the photos below, are distributing food aid right now. Dr Mohamud Sheikh, a member of HARDA, has been using his holiday to help with our initial aid effort  in Northern Kenya, thanks to a very generous donation from Muslim Aid Australia. He reports “we fed up to 5,927, buying only essential food stuff to increase the number of people that we can reach. We provided Corn meal (maize flour), Oil and Beans – the common diet of the people. The community elders were so pleased that we did not leave without feeding anyone who turned up for food”.

What can you do??

Please HELP those in such desperate need. Each life is precious and each donation helps preserve a life!

HARDA Survival Pack

$32 can purchase a survival pack which can feed a family for a month. The pack includes rice, maize, packets of pasta, salt and sugar and milk powder

We send a 100% of what you donate directly to our on the ground partners who provide much needed food and water to those heading to the camps and to those outside the camps who are dying so close to help. A small donation can make a huge difference to the lives of the people affected.


The pictures and stories coming out of these regions would break your heart; and we have so much in comparison to their need!