Below are some details on topics that HARDA currently has an active interest in, and would like to draw attention to.

2022 Swim, Survive and Socialise (February 4, 2022) - Unfortunately the annual Harda Swimming Program for 6-17yo to be held in January 2022 had to be postponed this year due to covid, which was very disappointing for all involved & we apologise to all the kids who were looking forward to it. However we are hoping to run it in the Easter holidays, from Mon April 11th to Fri Apr 22nd.  This will  run on weekdays and be an 8 day program due to the Easter public holidays when it will not operate. Sessions & participants will be the same as advised for the Jan program and will be… Read more
Emergency support for local communities during Covid (Jan 2022) (February 3, 2022) - In October HARDA was fortunate to receive a grant from Multicultural NSW through their Empowering and Supporting Local Communities Program. This allowed us to continue to provide emergency supplies support as well as Covid and Vaccination information to members of our communities who were struggling to put food on the table due to the Covid pandemic. We also supplied 942 bottles (142lt) of hand sanitizer (sourced through Good360 Australia) and 8,000 masks to the South Sudanese and Somalia communities. Read more
End of Year party (December 16, 2021) - We recently held a small celebration to mark the end of another year of our successful Jobs for African Migrants Program. Although the lockdown provided additional challenges, thanks to our wonderful mentors and participants, we were able to keep the program running and found jobs for many of our program participants. We're looking forward to helping more of them find work next year! Read more
Emergency support for local communities during Covid (Oct 2021) (October 24, 2021) - HARDA was very fortunate that the Scanlon Foundation provided an Emergency Support grant in a extremely short time frame in early August so that we could provide urgent assistance to community members experiencing severe hardship due to them or their families having contracted Covid, needing to be in isolation or due to the long lockdown. This help was provided by email in the form of Woolworths gift cards to enable contactless delivery of food and other urgently needed essentials. Information was also provided on the financial assistance available from the government, on Covid restrictions and requirements, on vaccinations and in… Read more