We Have a Voice. Hear Us – The Horn of Africa Refugee Settlement Survey

In 2008 HARDA, funded by grants from the Sisters of Charity Foundation, the Lidcombe Catholic Club and the Parramatta Leagues Club, commissioned Dr Eileen Pittaway, the Director of the Centre for Refugee Research at the University of New South Wales, to lead a research team to survey members of the Horn of Africa communities in Sydney. In June 2009 following many individual and group consultations this report “We Have a Voice. Hear Us” was launched and circulated widely. It reported the views, problems, unmet needs and successes of participants. For the full report and an eleven page summary

Girls Social Justice DSR Camp

This camp was conducted over three days at Milson Island, for thirty girls from the Horn of Africa Countries living on Western Sydney. The girls were aged between fourteen and nineteen. The aims of the camp were to promote social coherence, skills, harmony and unity, to develop a sense of community, of belonging, to build leadership skills and to present an interactive program on women’s health and rights. Post camp evaluation indicated that the goals had been met and that the camp was very successful, with all the girls and wonderful volunteers much enjoying it.

This camp was sponsored by  The NSW Department of Sport and Recreation.

DIAC Boys Camp & Community project

The five day residential program was conducted at the Mangrove Mountain Camp and attended by  thirty eight 15 to 18 year old youths from the Horn of Africa countries living in Western Sydney. It was designed with specific aims and objectives for the boys such as the promotion of social coherence, harmony and security and the development of a sense of community responsibility and leadership skills.  It was followed by the community service program at the Exodus Foundation’s ‘Loaves and Fishes’ canteen. The Project was funded by a grant of $18,000 from DIAC who were provided progress and final reports and financial acquittal.

The Auburn Football Cultural Diversity Project

This program was about developing and refining soccer skills and a sense of community. Leading soccer coaches volunteered their services, uniforms and equipment were purchased and a junior soccer club identity was established. The program was funded by DIAC under the Living in Harmony program and supported by the NSW Department of Sport & Recreation and the Auburn Council.