HARDA is a not-for-profit community charity supporting migrants and refugees from the Horn of Africa countries, helping them and their families to successfully settle into and connect with local communities. We also  undertake small projects  to support and improve the lives of communities in  Horn of Africa countries.

Our Mission

HARDA’s   mission  is   to  support  migrants   and  refugees  from  the  Horn of Africa as they settle into their  new lives in Australia. We aim to provide a  link to the local communities and to  provide individuals and families with the tools they need to become successful and engaged members of their new communities.

Our Vision

HARDA’s  vision is an  interconnected and accessible range of services that ensures that  migrants and  refugees from Horn of Africa countries  have access  to  the  tools  and  support they need to integrate and settle successfully into their new communities. We aim to achieve this by bringing together community groups and leaders to both coordinate services and present a strong united voice to local, state and federal government.