HARDA is mandated to establish a bridge and better understanding between the humanitarian entrants, refugees and migrants from the horn of Africa region and the people of Australia, to introduce them to the social, cultural, economic and political ethos of the country and help them during the transition period to integrate with the society.

HARDA has three main goals and objectives:

  • To act as a catalyst and entrepreneur between the Federal Government’s AusAID, Australian based aid agencies and African NGOs. The goal is to identify high value individual humanitarian aid projects and deal directly with the organisations ‘on the ground’ (e.g. WARDA-Doctors for Hope Cataract Program).
  • To develop and reinforce its role as a body which can speak with one voice to government as an advocate on issues of concern in resettlement services (e.g. housing, education, employment, health). To reinforce its credibility as an umbrella organisation in New South Wales the Agency is currently engaged in regular, ongoing consultation with representatives from individual regions and countries of the Horn of Africa (the Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti) resident in New South Wales.
  • To provide support and professional advice to participating organisations (including youth and young people from the Horn of Africa) about submission writing, funding, sponsorship, event planning, governance (rights and responsibilities), financial management, website development, policy development, legal issues (including incorporation and risk management), marketing and graphic design.

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