2018 Swim, Survive and Socialise Program

HARDA (Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency of Australia) conducted a ‘Swim, Survive and Socialise’  program in January  2018 .

A total of 86 boys and girls enrolled, aged between 6 and 15 years old, larger than any previous swim program done by HARDA. The main idea behind this program is to create a positive social environment for kids to learn vital skills.  New sessions were added  this year especially  water safety education programs for parents. Most of the parents attended. Dummies were used for demonstration purposes and every one had a go.

The children greatly benefited from this program by making new friends and socialising with their peers in the pool and on the bus trip, not forgetting the new level of confidence for those in the pool for the first time. This is a great program for children; it teaches them to swim, be active, healthy, and have fun during their holidays.

We would like to thank DOOLEYs, Lidcome Catholic Club and Sydney Motorway Corporation for their support of this project. Well done to the children and their parents for making it another successful program, and have fun during their holidays