2016 Fish & Chips on Bondi beach Mar

The first session of our new Connecting communities program was planned to be an afternoon of fun games on Bondi beach with the families from our partner and host organisation Kids Giving Back (KGB). The kids were very much looking forward to a play and paddle and fish and chips together on Bondi beach – a real Australian experience!  Unfortunately that was not to be with storms and heavy rain closing the beach and drenching us all. However the very resourceful KGB had booked the local hall and had lots indoor games planned as a backup and everyone had a great deal of fun.

There were some amusing moments as some of the ladies had to hand over their very wet cloths to the laundromat across the road to be dried. It was great that everyone shared the humour in the situation and it was a good bonding experience along with the yummy and large amounts of shared fish and chips. We also changed the third session from a pool party in Western Sydney to a beach day in Coogee so that the kids from a Horn of Africa background could get their promised day on the beach.