2016 Cooking together

We held the second of three sessions of our Connecting Communities Program in August. This 3 part program is providing a great opportunity for Horn of Africa families to connect with other Australian communities and share new and exciting experiences.

One pleasant winter Sunday in August, 36 of us headed to a community kitchen in Bondi for a cooking & dining experience. This included 23 South Sudanese kids aged between 7 & 13, and 10 family members accompanied by 3 HARDA volunteers including Lugi, our wonderful Italian Chef. There we met the Kids Giving Back (KGB) friends we made at the first session (who can forget the torrential rain on Bondi beach that day!). They had generously organised the kitchen and supplied the ingredients to make the event possible.

Cooking is a great way to share congeniality and this was no exception, with the families from both groups donning aprons and cutting and chopping and cooking up a storm. The Australian contribution was meat pies and in exchange, led by Kristina, Asunta & Margret, everyone learnt to cook a typical South Sudanese dish, a meat & okra stew with semolina. The older kids enjoyed helping while the younger ones made bread and cookies and decorated the pavlovas for our feast afterwards