African Men’s Education Program

This program, which commenced in Feb 2010 and was funded by the Sisters of Charity Foundation, ran for a couple of years, offered free English and Computer skills classes to Sudanese and other Horn of Africa men at weekly workshops on Monday & Tuesday mornings, initially at our offices in Homebush West and then also in Blacktown.

The project was aimed at the resettlement and re- education of refugee men from the Horn of Africa, primarily in the 25- 45 year old age group.  . The free program provided men help at all levels with their written and oral English and computer skills. Teaching was provided by volunteers and was either one on one or in very small classes allowing them to be tailored to the individual needs. There was a chance to socialize as well over a long tea break. And this social interaction was an important part of the program allowing the men the chance to use English in day to day conversations and to meet and relax with other men in similar situations. While the program served a few men really well, unfortunately the program was discontinued because after some initial success not enough men attended regularly.